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The Open Water Course is flexible to allow home e-study and "final check-out" dives on your vacation to meet even the busiest schedule.


Continue the adventure and learn new skills to explore new dive sites and types. We can safely prepare you for your next diving experience.


Learn to dive with Enriched Air / Nitrox which will enable you to extend your bottom line, do more dives per day and often feel less tired at the end of your dives.


A morning pool session to learn basic skills followed by an afternoon trip to the reef with an instructor lets you safely experience the beauty of the underwater world in Key Largo.


Learn skills, tips and tricks to PREVENT an incident occuring. If the unfortunate happens, then your EFR and rescue skills could help save a life - even yours!


Our open water training programs are taught with a high margin of safety with techniques developed in over 20 years of research. Handicap students are trained and certified according to HSA physical performance standards with a Multi-level Certification system which enables us to train people with a wide range of disabilities.

At Bluwave Adventure you'll come across professional dive instructors who love their sport and want to share their knowledge with new or advancing divers.

We take the world class standards from agencies such as PADI  and HSA then add our own level of commitment to ensure you have the confidence to dive again in the future - and of course hopefully come back to us for more.