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Standard health and travel insurance policies do not always cover you for incidents relating to dive trips, for example: delayed or lost equipment, trip cancellations or, in very rare occasions, medical emergencies. (Policies differ by company/state etc. You are advised to check your coverage.)

Experience has demonstrated that the Divers Alert Network (DAN) offers a very robust and extensive line of coverage at competitive rates (starting from $30/yr) and true 24/7/global coverage.

Bluwave Adventure has the following position regarding diver medical insurance:

  • Complimentary:     Open Water Scuba Diver students (provided through a DAN program)
  • Recommended:     Recreational divers (no decompression, less than 130feet depth)
  • Mandatory:            Technical divers (any decompression dives irrespective of depth and dives involving depths greater than 130fsw/40m or

                                         wreck penetration)


We use instructors, captains and crew who have been vetted to meet our high standards and we expect them to provide you with a quality service for the duration of your time with us.

If you would like to tip your crew, an approximate gratuity, equal to $5/tank is greatly appreciated. You can add this to your final payment or hand it to the Captain directly. Gratuities are then divided equally between the crew on your boat.

Should you wish to tip your instructor/guide then please do so separately.

Cancellation: By Us

If we need to cancel a particular charter due to weather or mechanical problems we will:

  • Attempt to rearrange the charter.
  • Offer one (1) year credit.
  • Provide you with a full refund for your trip.

"Boarding Passes"

Many of the dive shops in the Keys use a process of "Boarding Passing" divers. Under exceptional circumstances such as a mechanical failure or partner operators having groups of divers with different needs, e.g. groups to go shallow and others for deeper, we will ask you to dive on another boat. This is always at no additional cost to you or your group and done with as little inconvenience to you. We work to ensure that our partner facilities have the same ethos as ourselves and we don't work with every dive store. Bluwave Adventure has technology to see other dive store trip schedules and we can select the best boat for you should this situation arise.

Cancellation: By You

Things change so we want to be as flexible as we can with your booking.

If you wish to reschedule your booking:

  • We will honor your quoted price for a six (6) month period.
  • Between six (6) months and one (1) year we will provide you with a store credit.
  • Should you wish to cancel and receive a refund the following schedule applies:

Cancellation PeriodCancellation Policy
+21 Days
Full refund
15-21 days
50% deposit refund
8-14 days30% deposit refund
3-7 days20% deposit refund
24-48 hrsNo refund
<24hrsNo refund and remaining balanced to be charged


  • All refunds will be subject to a 5% charge to cover merchant service fees.
  • Refunds cannot be made on opened/used student materials.
  • Deposits made to 3rd party providers by us, on behalf of your booking will be subject to their policies.
  • We do not make refunds for sea-sickness

Terms & conditions

A considerable amount of work goes into preparing your charter or instruction to ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible and you get the best service we can offer. To ensure fairness to fellow divers, students, instructors and crew we have created a few simple policies for bookings.

Advertised Prices

  • We try to keep the web site as up to date as possible but prices can change. The price you are quoted on the phone or at the facility is the current prices.
  • Advertised course/instructional prices are for "public" courses - i.e. there may be other people on the course. Please contact us for details regarding "private" classes - i.e. just your group
  • State taxes will also be charged as appropriate on all sales.



  • A $50.00 refundable deposit will be taken per reservation. For Cancellation terms see below.
  • Full payment will be required, at time of booking.
  • Deposits can be paid using cash, PayPal or major credit cards. You will receive an invoice via e-mail and can conveniently pay through the link.

Final Payments

  • Final payments should be made prior to the commencement of your booking.
  • Payments can be made using cash, PayPal or major credit cards. We are unable to accept checks, unless by prior arrangement.

key forms

The forms below are some of the more common ones used in our operations. Feel free to download ahead of your trip.

diver certifications

Diver safety is paramount and as such we will check every divers certification prior to diving with us.

Unless you are undertaking a Discover Scuba experience all divers will need to be certified to at least Open Water Scuba Diver from a recognized agency. Please bring your certification cards with you - we have limited ability to check agencies online such as PADI, IANTD and SSI/TDI.

Special considerations for this region:

  • If you have not dived for 12 months we can provide you with a Refresher Course and/or professional dive guide
  • Spiegel Grove, Duane/Bibb and Night dives are advanced dives.

            - You need to be either Advanced Open Water, be diving with a Bluwave guide or be on a course

            - Dive computers are required for all dives over 50fsw/15m

            - Dive lights are required for all night dives