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Weather & Diving:

It's never "too cold" to dive in Florida so the biggest influence on whether or not we dive is from the wind and sea state. Winds from the East have largest affect on sea conditions and typically we will not run with sustained winds above 25kts and/or waves above 6'/2m. (Depending on divers abilities). Always check in with us though. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has a number of weather stations around the Florida Keys - the closest to use being at Molasses Reef (MLRF1). When reading the "Latest NWS Marine Forecast"  look at "Hawk Channel from Ocean Reef...." to get an idea of our current conditions


Gloves are intended to protect you from the environment NOT encourage you to touch the environment. For this reason many preservation areas around the world ban their use. The marine sanctuary in Florida DOES ALLOW gloves and we do recommend them. A thin pair of gloves will provide protection against:

  • fire corals
  • abrasions on down lines.


Again a very personal choice depending on your tolerance of cooler water and the longer times that you may be diving. In the November to February months you may well see us wearing them for:

  • protection from cooler water
  • protection from jelly fish that can be in the area.


Not related to temperature protection but a valid question. Like gloves they can be restricted in certain sites around the world. Not so in the Florida Keys. A great knife for this area would feature:

  • BCD/hose mounted
  • serrated/smooth edge with blunt tip
  • a line cutter.

Other local information:

What to wear?

Water temperatures above 70 F (21 C) are deemed warm enough for a shortie wetsuit. Generally our rental suits are full 3mm. These offer good protection year round against both the temperature and environment (reefs/wrecks)

If you're doing a lot of diving or feel the cold a little more here's what many of our customers wear:

  • Summer: shorts/t-shirt or rash guard through to 3mm short or full
  • Fall/Autumn: 3mm full suit
  • Winter: 3mm for recreational, 5mm/dry suit for technical

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